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This week, my new app has been released to the app Store!

Click here to download it.
home_square home_spider This exercise is probably the most challenging one. You have to purchase all 6 to view it. Don't get discouraged! Even professional adult violinists will find it difficult. It's a good idea to start young.

Squares & Trianglesis a visual way to understand “straight bow”.  The use of a mirror is a good start but not quite enough to understand it fully.  In my app, the video will  help parents at home: how to correct it in “guiding” the bow.  Your child will experience “how it feels” and will be able to then re-feel it while playing.

The Spider” is an old classic bow exercise to control the fine fingers motions.  Try to maintain the bow up right and follow carefully how the fingers move on the video in the app (thumb moves after the other 4 fingers).  Do it slowly!   The speed in the video is probably the final result after days of practicing!

Shush!” is probably the hardest of all three exercises.  You basically pretend to play but you don’t make a sound.  At the frog, all will be easy.  As you progress, you will encounter some control issue.  Experiment it and try to “feel” the bow above the string!

Happy practicing!  If you like the first 3 exercises, buy the remaining six to perfect bow control!